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Thanks to the Chai Center’s location in the heart of Boston’s world renowned medical hub, it has become an irreplaceable resource for Jewish families from around the globe whose relatives are being treated here.

When a family member arrives from another city or country to be with their loved one, their focus needs to be on the patient, not on logistics. We are here to help arrange their housing and meals and to offer comfort, prayer, and counseling.

In 2009, we created Chai Hospitality to provide patients’ families with physical, spiritual and emotional nurturing in a non-denominational, non-sectarian, home-like setting just minutes away from the hospitals. The kosher food, Sabbath meals, and synagogue services we offer go a long way to ease the stress of our visitors.

R' Mayshe & Shifra Schwartz

We're here to help with


For when you need a home away from home and a loving environment to relax and rejuvinate.

Kosher Meals

Making food one less thing you have to worry about, Chai Hospitality will arrange Kosher, nourishing meals for weekdays and Shabbos.


Whether from the airport or to the hospital, we will arrange your rides for peace of mind.

The kindness and support we received from the Schwartz family was immense. The security of having kosher meals provided and a warm couple to consult with allowed us to fully focus on our son's health while adjusting to temporarily living in Boston.
Our needs were their priority.

We will always remember their kindness and generosity.

Chaya & Shlomo Reku

A Cadre of Eager of Volunteers

Chai Hospitality and YJP form a natural partnership. Motivated to give back to the community, young Jewish professionals form the backbone of the Chai Hospitality volunteer corps. The interaction between YJP volunteers and the visitors benefits both parties; the volunteers are enriched by the experience of giving, and the beneficiaries are forever grateful for the help in their time of need.

Since many YJP members are in the medical profession, they also serve as an important resource for visitors, helping them navigate the system and advocate on behalf of their hospitalized relatives.

Rabbi Mayshe and his wife transported a family from the fear of the operation room to the warm faith of shabbos through delicious home cooked food and caring hospitality!

Rabbi Noach Chesich
Young Isreal of Sharon

We were blessed to experience the Chai Center during our stay in Boston. Being in a foreign country, transferring our child from one hospital to another, your center was an Ir Miklat, a place of refuge, glowing with the light of Chassidus.

We are especially grateful for your help with Chesed Shel Emet [honoring the deceased] when we called upon you in the middle of the night. In the depth of darkness, G-d lit a spark of light and sent you to us.

Throughout our terrible ordeal, you were a saving angel for us. May Hashem repay you for your deeds.

With gratitude,
Moshe David Weber & family

Excerpt from a letter to Rabbi Mayshe from an Israeli family whose child passed away while hospitalized in Boston.

Kindness on demand

In a beautiful marriage of chesed and hi-tech, YJP developed Kindness on Demand, a technology-enabled, community service that efficiently connects YJP volunteers with people in need of help, including hospital patients and homebound elderly.

Through the Kindness on Demand mobile app, patients and their families can request help with kosher food deliveries, rides to/from the airport, or a home visit.

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